Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver a product that is unrivalled in the current marketplace, with unmatched attention to quality, consistency and flavour, while placing a strong emphasis on maintaining the highest level of industry standards.  


Commitment to Quality

Every offering is crafted to meet our (and your) exceedingly high standards.  We put an equal amount of care and consideration into the ingredients and facilities used in producing a product that is pure, clean, and secure.  Rest assured that when you purchase a bottle of PurEliquid e-Liquid, you are getting the best. 


About PurEliquid

At PurEliquid we're passionate about producing eliquid that will allow you to enjoy your vaping experience. Great care and artistry is a part of our culture and embedded into our flavour creation process. Our flavour masters take the time to develop and test each flavour and hand select the flavours you have all come to enjoy.


Feedback is always welcomed so feel free to tell us what is on your mind.

Ingredients & Manufacturing

PurEliquid products are 100% manufactured in Canada using high quality ingredients.  We utilize 99.7 purity grade Vegetable Glycerin and 99.7 purity USP (United States Pharmacopeial) grade Propylene Glycol, the highest purity used on the market today.  Our flavours are sourced from Europe, USA, and Canada. Additionally by avoiding all custard type flavours, we have actively avoided the use of Diacetly and Diketone.  All of our liquids are put through repetitive titration tests to ensure accuracy of ingredients used.  Our liquid production is managed by certified Lean Six Sigma professionals, ensuring that all production processes are properly documented and analyzed to ensure repeatability and accuracy of all processes. 



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