Reseller Conduct Policy


For the protection of the industry as a whole, which includes all of our Resellers. PurEliquids provides a policy that all reseller have to adhere by.  This will ensure that all stakeholders involved within the industry are protected to the best of their ability.


As the industry changes, we anticipate the lack of regulation to change.  Federal, provincial and municipal governments are actively monitoring, and assessing market conditions in order to formulate sensible policies and regulations that will allow the industry to grow, but not at the expense of public health and safety.  Here at PurEliquids we take every effort to inform all of our stakeholders about how to address key issues involved with the sale of our products. However, with the absence of regulation during this period, we have decided to self-regulate by taking key elements from existing regulations and having our clients follow them in order to protect the industry, your business, as well as your customers. 


Please take the time to read the information below.  A formal copy of the policy which includes all elements below will form part of your agreement with PurEliquids at the commencement of your first order.

Sales to Minors.  It goes without saying that the products we sell are meant only to be sold to persons that meet the minimum age requirements to purchase alcohol and tobacco in the respective provinces of Canada.  Any violation of this clause that may come to our attention will result in an investigation, at which point PurEliquid will reserve the right to terminate the Resellers right to carry and vend our products. 

Health Claims. Our products are sourced, and manufacturer with pharmaceutical grade ingredients and equipment. However, the end product is not medical or pharmaceutical in nature, as it does not proceed to claim to make any change to a user’s physical or mental state. Communication in any form or medium, including but not limited to verbal, print, digital, regarding any health claims violates our policies and may result in a Federal, or Provincial officer seizing Reseller's products.  This will also result in the termination of our agreement with the Reseller. It is imperative that this is understood, as without any rigorous scientific evaluation, no such claims can be made at this point. 

Proprietary Information.  All information supplied to Reseller including but not limited to pricing, terms, product information (unless designed to be communicated to the end-user), strategies is confident and proprietary, and is to be used solely for the purpose of communicated between PurEliquid and Reseller. 

Marketing to Minors.  It is a gross violation of this policy to market, communicate, suggest, or condone the use of our products to persons not over the age of majority.  Such forms of marketing or advertising are strictly prohibited and violate the RCP.


Contact Information.  Your contact information is to be provided in full detail, and a contact number must be provided where you can be reached.  This is to ensure that should there be a need to retract, or recall, any product for any reason that this may be initiated without delay. 


Subject to inspection. Our retailers are subject to inspection by our client representatives, without providing notice beforehand.  Such inspections are used to ensure our resellers are held to the highest standards, and do not violate the RCP.  Should a violation occur, the extent and severity will determine just cause for the termination of the entire business agreement. 


Intended Use.

PurEliquid solutions are to be used only in devices designed specifically for eliquid such as personal vaporizers or electronic cigarettes.  

Product Tampering or Alteration.

Reseller agrees that the product will be sold as it is represented in its original form.  Any alteration regarding any element of the product including but not limited to the packaging, labels, physical structure, internal solution, marketing, or representation will be strictly prohibited. 

Sampling Station Maintenance.  Sampling stations are a great way to allow your customers to experience our products before committing to a purchase.  Sampling stations are to remain clean and sanitary, and must employ measures to reduce and mitigate the spread and/or contraction of possible infectious diseases. All stations are to use disposable sterilized test tips.  Test tips are not to be reused in any circumstance. Using alcohol swabs or pads to cleanse reusable tips is forbidden under any circumstance.

MSRP. We stand behind our products 100%, and can confidently say that customers will gladly purchase our products at the prescribed prices.  10mL bottles to be sold at $8.99 CAD and 30mL at $17.99 CAD

Keep Away From Children.

Keep all products away from children and pets.  Always securely fasten the child resistant caps onto the bottle after each use. 

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